Our complete product set includes a simple 3-step regimen that includes our Custom Blended Serum and Custom Bended Lotion, both formulated to your exact needs. The kit also includes our Refreshing Essencem which provides a base layer of ultra light hydration under your serum and lotion.

Take our short quiz to create your own custom formulations.


  • Refreshing Essence - 4oz
  • Custom Blended Serum - 1oz
  • Custom Blended Lotion - 2oz
  • Always cruelty free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Custom formulated in the USA

The serum and lotion arrive in personalized packaging with your name, formulation numbers and dates of formulation.

Order here and we'll formulate your product based on your Quiz results. Contact us if you need to modify your quiz results at You can take the quiz here.

Clean :

All of OLURA’s products are CLEAN and formulated without: Sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban or synthetic fragrances. Olura’s products are also free of the chemical emulsifiers that can harm the skin’s lipid barrier.


facial steps

Step 1. The Refreshing Essence provides a base layer super light hydration, or serves as a pick-me-up throughout the day. Give yourself a couple of spritzes and notice how your skin feels immediatly refreshed.

Step 2. Dab on your Custom Blended Serum. Precision blended just for you, this gentle yet powerful serum uses S-Micron Technology to pack a high concentration of active ingredients into a fast-absorbing, feather-light formula.

Step 3. Apply your Custom Blended Lotion. Freshly mixed just for you, this silky moisture lotion uses S-Micron Technology to enable rapid delivery of your personalized active ingredients for a light yet deeply hydrating finish.

"I have been using Olura skincare for several weeks now and I love the feeling of having a facial right at home. The Eno device is so great- it exfoliates and then massages the serum. My face always feel so fresh after using the regimen. My pores look smaller and the other day I even left the house without makeup for the first time in forever because my skin looked so good without anything on!"

Karla Bradley

"I am so in love with the Eno facial kit from Olura. It literally transformed my skincare routine, it lifted it to another level."


"I've been using my Eno device and Olura Skincare products now for one week and noticing results already! Circulation is improving in the places where I'm red and skin is looking smoother from my décolleté to my forehead! I can't wait to see what my second week brings!"

Nicole Cunningham

"If I could choose one word to describe the Olura Eno tool it would be addicting!! It feels like I got a facial every time. So satisfying seeing the toxins extracted from my skin. As a newbie to skin care I love that Olura offers sets to step you through each step: moisturizer, exfoliate etc."

Hannah Bee Tucker

"I have loved using Olura’s at-home facial kit because it does save me time, money, and it takes under 10 minutes and my skin has just been glowing ever since!"


"I love the fact that the customized skincare products are formulated clean but give you clinical result. The result is amazing from the first use! It definitely helps contour my face (bye bye sagging skin) and the personalized skincare keeps my skin hydrate and smooth . Now, I am adding the Eno into my Beaty routine to help me complete a professional facial right at home! "

Rin Minckler