Our Purpose

Our founding members have spent their careers developing products, technology and protocols to help people improve their skin health. We've seen how the proper regimen can transform someone's skin and shared in the moments of delight as people experience these personal transformations, witnessing the improved confidence and joy first hand. We also realize how confusing skincare can be and how daunting it is to build a great skincare regimen from the myriad of products, technologies, and advice that are available.

Our mission with Olura was to create a simple program that delivers a complete skincare regimen meant to generate immediate results and evolve with the needs of the individual. Healthy skin is more than just great products, so we pulled technology straight out of the spa room and built it into our patented Eno™ device. We pair this with clean products that are customized to your skin type and provide you with the expert guidance required to ensure your routine changes with the needs of your skin.

We call this "Complete Skincare" and believe it will change the way you think about your daily skincare routine.


The Experts Behind Your Best Skin Ever

Shirley Madhere, MD

Dr. Madhere is an Ivy League trained plastic surgeon, published author, speaker and blogger. She specializes in a holistic approach to beauty that considers the entire person, their habits and goals.

More about Dr. Madhere

Everything I do centers around beauty. Whether it is in nature, in a painting, on a face, or in architectural design, it’s beauty resonates with me deeply. The theme of beauty has been woven throughout my experiences in life.

In childhood, I danced ballet. The art taught me the beauty of the human body. This led me to pursue a career in medicine, specifically in plastic surgery.

My practice of plastic surgery is based on a holistic approach. This philosophy grew out of my education in general and plastic surgery as well as training in homeopathy and integrative nutrition. My perspective is shaped by the idea that beauty and healing emanate from within, and that external appearance is a reflection of inner health of the mind, body, and spirit. I also believe that appearance is an expression of our overall sense of wellness. For me, personal style, manifested by what we wear and how we look, mirrors our complexity as human beings. Thus, beauty is a visual marker of whom we are and how we communicate that message to others. It is a non-verbal method of identifying ourselves that not only speaks volumes about ourselves, but also bolsters our sense of self and helps us to relate to the world. Therefore, how I define beauty not only concerns the needle or the knife, but also informs how we live our lives.

What I do is my way of empowering people, and it is through the language of beauty. This involves sharing my views and educating others. As such, I am a published author and a public speaker. I also contribute to press publications and to the scientific literature. I have appeared on various media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, NY1, the Dr. Oz, and Meredith Vieira Shows.   I am the founder of Jet Set Beauty Rx, Click-lift.com (an online consultation portal, or e-consult, named a “best practices” site in the industry), and the acclaimed seminar series, “Les Salons: A Wellness Series devoted to The Beautiful Life.” I am a surgeon, creator, entrepreneur, educator, and podcaster (the Forever F.A.B. podcast). I remain a citizen of the world and a student of life.

Shannon Britt

Recognized as an expert in beauty tools, Shannon has developed award winning skincare devices for numerous global beauty brands prior to developing the Eno™ for Olura.

More about Shannon Britt

I began my career ago twenty years ago launching new devices into the professional spa market and teaching aestheticians to incorporate technology into their facials. The excitement generated around the often-immediate results we achieved with our devices has been my motivation to design solutions that bring this exact same technology to the home market. This passion originally led me to begin developing devices for large beauty brands to pair with their product lines. During this time, I was fortunate to work with brands that fully embraced the benefits that technology has to offer, managing to win industry awards and break sales records in the process.

My mission with Olura is to elevate the home beauty regimen through the use of technologies that stimulate the natural processes that support skin health. When engineered properly, non-invasive skincare devices are uniquely suited for home use because, while the results are often immediate, they also improve with regular use. Because the treatments are both restorative and preventative, incorporating them into your daily regimen can help support lifelong skin health while staving off the premature signs of aging.

My experience is that great skin is derived from the right daily regimen and is not the result of a single miracle product. My hope for Olura is that we can teach consumers a simple way to achieve radiant skin and to demonstrate the potential that technology has to be a game changer in their beauty regimen.

Kyoko Getz

A highly sought-after celebrity aesthetician, Kyoko has developed products and facial protocols for a number of luxury skincare lines before joining Olura to design our product line and create protocols for our clients.

More about Kyoko Getz

My passion has always been helping other people look and feel their best. As a leader in the skincare industry for almost 20 years, I have been given the opportunity to do just that, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Working as an esthetician, I’ve witnessed firsthand how directly correlated solving skin issues can be to building a healthy and positive self-esteem. Following treatments, I‘ve seen clients respond with a big smile or a hug, and others who've cried tears of pure happiness. These experiences are all so meaningful for me, I can’t capture every precious one I’ve been blessed with over my career into words, but I can guarantee I will never forget them.


My experience helping clients identify and solve their skin care problems has led to opportunities helping launch a number of popular skin care brands. I was a founding member of Kate Somerville Skincare and went on to serve as the brands Product Development Director. I also served as a Brand Ambassador for TATCHA, where I helped define the protocols used in their facials. My accomplishments as an esthetician, and with these brands, has been featured across several influential publications, including the L.A. Times, Instyle Magazine, and Allure Magazine.

My years spent caring for clients’ skin, developing new product formulas, and helping launch new brands, have all brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life. Since joining the OLURA team, I have committed myself to producing even more precious moments and smiles, and to help each of our client’s feel confident in their beautiful skin!