Here's Your Customized Skincare System

Olura's experts have created your personalized regimen, complete with products custom formulated for your skin and the Eno™ all-in-one facial device to supercharge you results.
Your 4-step system contains:
  • Custom Blended Serum - 1oz
  • Custom Blended Lotion - 2oz
  • Refreshing Essence - 4oz
  • Eno™ All-In-One Facial Tool

Olura products are formulated CLEAN and free of added fragrances, pthalates and other toxins.

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(Name)'s Formulations Are Designed For

Humid Environment

Oil Control

Increased Radiance

Additional Benefits Include: Reduced Appearance of Pores & Refined Facial Contours

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Custom Blended Serum

30ml - 1 fl. oz

This light serum specially formulated to help manage oil production while improving the overall radiance of your skin. Chamomile and Safflower Oil keep the skin supple while helping to control oil production - without leaving a greasy residue or clogging your pores. Beta Glucan soothes, calmes and helps to fight acne causing bacteria. The powerhouse ingredients Niacinamide, Resveratrol, and Vitamin C help to fade hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin.

Key active ingredients chosen for you:


Safflower Seed Oil

Niacinamide (B3)


Vitamin C

Beta Glucan

Custom Blended Lotion

60ml - 2 fl. oz

This silky lotion is engineered to drench the skin in intense but lightweight hydration. Chamomile and Safflower Oil deliver antioxidants and fatty acids that protect the skin from environmental sources of irritation without clogging your pores.

Key active ingredients chosen for you:


Safflower Seed Oil

Niacinamide (B3)


Echium Flower

Olive Oil

Refreshing Essence

120ml - 4oz

A three-in-one deep hydrating essence with Trehalose that deeply moisturizes, protects the skin barrier and battles free radicals. The water-light texture delivers a burst of powerful moisture that penetrates without adding weight to leave the skin looking healthy, soft and supple.

Active Ingredients:




Eno™ All-In-One Device

Ultrasonic technology. Ultra-effective results.

Olura gives you the power of spa-strength ultrasonic technology for ultra-effective results. Our all-in-one Eno™ device pairs with our mixed-for-you skincare to deliver a clinical-grade facial that recreates the treatment you’d get from a professional in less than 10 minutes.

The one tool that does it all.

Ultrasonic Exfoliation

Micro-Pulse Sculpting

Product Infusion

Dermal Warming

Vibrating Massage

Clinical Grade

Expert Guidance

More than custom products. A personalized routine.

Creat your perfect regimen with a one-on-one consultation, included with every complete kit.

Personalization doesn't end with your products! Purchase a complete kit, with the Eno device, and recieve a consultation with one of skincare experts who will help you create a routine that's perfect for your skin.

One-On-One Support




For Controlling Oily Skin & Increasing Radiance


Eno Scrubber + Refreshing Essence

When you have oily skin, your dead skin cells are more adherent and don't flake off as quickly, and this can contribute to breakouts. The Eno gently scrubs away these sticky cells to keep your skin clear and clean, which also exposes the younger-looking skin underneath to immediately improve your overall radiance.


Eno Disc + Your Custom Serum

In Step 1 you removed the dead cells that act as an impediment to the absorption of your products. Next, you will use the Eno Disc's 350,000 vibrations per second to infuse your customized serum deep into the skin. Providing the skin with adequte moisture helps control the overproduction of oil that can result from skin that's dehydrated while leaving you with a radiant glow.


Eno Disc

Micro-Pulse Sculpting combines vibration with ultrasonic micro-pulses that warm the skin, increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to promote a healthy glow while improving the appearance of your facial contours.


Your Customized Moisturizer

Even oily skin needs a good moisturizer to stay hydrated and healthy. Without ample moisture, the appearance and protective function of the skin can be severely compromised. Finish your facial with your Custom Lotion , which is light, fast-absorbing and won't leave your skin feeling slick or looking shiny.

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