Refreshing Essence
    Refreshing Essence
    Refreshing Essence
    Refreshing Essence

Refreshing Essence

Your skin can have it all. Firmness. Clarity. Radiance. And a new, more lifted look.

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A three-in-one deep hydrating essence with Trehalose that deeply moisturizes, protects the skin barrier and battles free radicals. The water-light texture delivers a burst of powerful moisture that penetrates without adding weight to leave the skin looking healthy, soft and supple.

Use after cleansing to deliver a base layer of hydration or as a pick-me-up during the day to add hydration back in an instant.

Paired with the Eno during exfoliation to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily and Sensitive

Formulation: Light sprayable essence 

Highlighted Ingredients:

Trehalose: An anti-oxidant that functions as a moisturizer and skin protectant.

Glycerin: Gives your skin an instant moisture boost that leaves it soft and smooth. Absorbs moisture from the air and draws it to the skin

Glycogen: Polysaccharide that has water-binding properties that delivers hydration to the skin.


Water, Glycerin, Glycogen, Trehalose, Urea, Triacetin, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Leslie Z.
My skin loves this spray

I use this essence every time I do my skincare routine. It's great for prepping the skin to use the Eno device but I also love to use it after my moisturizer to finish everything off!

Must try!

It's such a light spray and a staple in my Olura skincare routine. Give it a try!

Michelle R.

This is a really great product. Good for use at anytime throughout the day and it really is refreshing.


I love how this spray is applied. It's a perfect application from the packaging and mists well over your whole face. Super refreshing, too!

Kim B.
Summer must-have

Refreshing, cool on my skin, and the best thing to get your face damp before exfoliating with the Eno! Also great in the summer when my skin needs a little moisture boost.

Stud Results

A simple process delivering serios reults.

  • 100% Noticed an overall improvement in the appearance of their skin after the very first use
  • 95% Reported smoother skin after the first use
  • 95% Saw an improvement in skin texture
  • 90% Reported skin that was more hydrated
  • 95% Saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  • 95% Said their face was more lifted

*Consumer perception study of 20 women over 30 days using the Eno with the Olura products.

"I have been using Olura skincare for several weeks now and I love the feeling of having a facial right at home. The Eno device is so great- it exfoliates and then massages the serum. My face always feel so fresh after using the regimen. My pores look smaller and the other day I even left the house without makeup for the first time in forever because my skin looked so good without anything on!"

Karla Bradley

"I am so in love with the Eno facial kit from Olura. It literally transformed my skincare routine, it lifted it to another level."


"I've been using my Eno device and Olura Skincare products now for one week and noticing results already! Circulation is improving in the places where I'm red and skin is looking smoother from my décolleté to my forehead! I can't wait to see what my second week brings!"

Nicole Cunningham

"If I could choose one word to describe the Olura Eno tool it would be addicting!! It feels like I got a facial every time. So satisfying seeing the toxins extracted from my skin. As a newbie to skin care I love that Olura offers sets to step you through each step: moisturizer, exfoliate etc."

Hannah Bee Tucker

"I have loved using Olura’s at-home facial kit because it does save me time, money, and it takes under 10 minutes and my skin has just been glowing ever since!"


"I love the fact that the customized skincare products are formulated clean but give you clinical result. The result is amazing from the first use! It definitely helps contour my face (bye bye sagging skin) and the personalized skincare keeps my skin hydrate and smooth . Now, I am adding the Eno into my Beaty routine to help me complete a professional facial right at home! "

Rin Minckler

Before & After

It's almost like magic. See the difference a spa-grade facial routine makes in just a few minutes.

Patented Eno Facial Tool

A Single Device That Addresses The Seven Signs of Aging

Olura research has identified the 7 signs of ageing that impact the appearance of the skin. To preserve its health and beauty the professionals at Olura have combined advanced technology and proven active ingredients in a simple 6 minute regimen that addresses all of these concerns. This exclusive approach to skincare combines the patented Eno device with products specially formulated from sub-micron sized particles, and a serum customized to address your specific concerns. 

Total Skincare

S-Micron Formulations

Olura’s patented formulation process creates products with sub-micron size particles that readily absorb into the skin and pair perfectly with theEno device. All of our products are formulated clean using ingredients proven to deliver amazing results.

Gentle Exfoliation

Cell turnover never felt gentler! The Eno exfoliates with ultrasonic vibrations and is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. This unique method uses our Refreshing Essence in a wet exfoliation that actually hydrates while it removes dead cells, decongests pours, and deep cleans your skin.

Serum Infusion

The Eno disc uses micro-pulses of ultrasound to improve the application of your customized Olura serum, delivering the ingredients deep into the skin and enhancing their results. Use this step to target lines, wrinkles and uneven tone while restoring vital hydration and improving your skin's elasticity.

Micro-Pulse Sculpting

This final step to your Olura regimen uses 350,000 micro-pulses per second to lift and sculpts while simultaneously reducing the appearance of puffiness and creating more refined appearance to your facial contours. Use this step to lift sagging cheeks, drooping brows, and give your face a more toned appearance.

Addresses All 7 Signs of Aging In 6 Minutes

4 Simple Steps to Amazing Skin

Step 1. Exfoliate

Wet the skin with Refreshing Essence.

Turn the Exfoliator on by pressing the long silver button. Gently push the Exfoliator across your skin in overlapping strokes until you've treated the entire face.

Step 2. Treat

Dab your customized serum onto your skin. Use circular motions with the Eno™ Disc to infuse the product into your skin. Continue to massage across your face until all the product is absorbed.

Step 3. Sculpt

Use the Eno™ Disc in sweeping upward lifting motions on the cheeks, around the eyes, and on the forehead to create a more toned appearance.

To address puffy eyes, glide under each eye and towards the ear. Repeat the motion multiple times in any areas that need more attention.

Step 4. Moisturize

Finish by applying your Moisturizing Lotion evenly across your face and neck.