Facial Protocol - Hands

The Olura Hand Treatment

Our hands are subjected to regular abuse from the activities that drive our work and play. As a result, hands often display signs of aging more prematurely than any other body part. The skin on the backs of our hands is as fragile as the skin under our eyes and requires a gentle means of exfoliation, like the Eno™ provides. Resveratrol, Vitamin C and a retinol substitute help combat the appearance of dark spots while providing needed hydration.

Recommended Serum Boosters:

Brightening Booster: Our Brightening Booster is formulated with the antioxidant Resveratrol, which has been shown to significantly decrease hyper pigmentation, and Vitamin C to lighten pigmentation without lightening normal skin.

Age Management Booster: When you are treating dry skin, you also need to improve cell turnover. Our Age Management Booster is formulated with Bakuchiol, which is a plant based alternative to retinoids. This is a potent age management ingredient that’s also great for improving cell turnover.

Add the Boosters to your serum & the Enhancer to your lotion before your first treatment

Facial Steps

1. Exfoliate your hands with the Eno™ Exfoliator

Regularly exfoliating your skin is important for removing layers of dead cells that can impede your moisturizers from reaching into the deeper layers. Exfoliating also encourages the skin renewal process and improves skin tone and texture.

Spray your hand with the OLURA Refreshing Essence and exfoliate with the Eno™ Exfoliator by pushing the blade across the skin gently from each fingernail down the finger towards the wrist. Treat the backs of each hands with overlapping strokes, going over areas of skin with rough texture or dark spots multiple times while making sure to keep the skin wet with the Olura Refreshing Essence.

2. Apply Treatment Serum with Eno™ Infusion Disc

Apply your customized Olura Serum to your hands with your fingertips. Leave the product sitting on top of the skin, do not rub it in with fingers. Instead, use the Eno™ Infusion Disc to massage the product into the skin - using circular lifting motions until the products is gone.

3. Apply Moisturizing Lotion + Moisture Enhancer

Pour the Moisture Enhancer into your Moisturizing Lotion and shake for 10-15 seconds. Apply the product evenly across the backs of your hands.

Written by Kyoko Getz

A highly sought-after celebrity aesthetician, Kyoko has developed products and facial protocols for a number of luxury skincare lines. She has nearly 20 years of professional industry experience and understands the rigors and rewards of healthy skin.